Tuesday, April 24, 2007

John Lackey Is A Schmendrick

Some TV commercials are good enough to make me remember the content of that commercial, but not the product it was designed to sell. I searched for and found this one on YouTube, and discovered that it was a Gatorade commercial. Hmmm, coulda fooled me.

Derek Jeter starts the commercial out by hitting a single off the Angels' John Lackey. Actor Harvey Keitel then walks on the field, with aura mafioso, and plays the dark side of Jeter's conscience and convinces him to steal second base. Keitel refers to Lackey as a schmendrick. (I looked up Lackey, too.) Once stolen, Keitel glories in the concept of theft. This is classic. But I'll never buy Gatorade as a result. View it here.

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