Saturday, April 14, 2007

I Forgive You Jackie Robinson

In one of the greatest one-sided trades in history, the Brooklyn Dodgers traded Jackie Robinson to their hated cross-town rivals, the New York Giants. Robinson was traded for Dick Littlefield and $35,000 in cash. The deal was nullified only a few weeks later when Robinson retired. He coulda been a Giant.


  1. Looking at his career stats, it looks like Robinson was on the physical decline at the time of the trade. It's a good thing he didn't hang around too long.

    BTW, in 1949 Robinson hit .342 with 16 hr's and 124 rbis. That's about 30 more than his second-highest rbi total. Have you ever heard of somebody getting that many rbis with so few hr's?

  2. Yes, he "only" played 10 years in the majors, but many of the players already had Negro League careers. Satchel Paige pitched forever before cracking into the "majors."

    You're right, high RBI totals usually accompany high HR totals. I'd have to think a while, but I think I have heard of a player or two to have such a combo.