Friday, April 6, 2007

Are The Giants Kidding?

Okay, the Giants team this year really isn't an improvement over last year's. With the greatest slugger since Ruth, and playing in the weakest division in history, two consecutive sub .500 seasons isn't promising for this year.

Bonds has been moved up to 3rd in the order, but lacking Alou's bat this year, they've scabbed Durham as cleanup and Aurelia batting 5th. Not exactly the protection, nor the pop, that the middle of the order needs. With Bonds, we need somebody on the order of Manny Ramirez, ARod or Ryan Howard to protect. Of course, we need two of the same kind. Roberts is a good addition to the lineup, but he simply replaces what we thought Randy Wynn should have been, and much was made about Finley's physical shape and his ability to still play center field. First base is both an offensive and defensive question. We still have plenty of old guys to round it out.

On the hill, we now got the other Barry, but he isn't as great as his contract says he is. He's a replacement for Schmidt. Much is expected from Cain and Lowry, but if these guys don't shed their streakiness, we don't have much hope of improvement. The bullpen is so messed up, they didn't even have roles assigned by the final week of spring training.

If the Giants play .500 this year, it will be an accomplishment.

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  1. Bonds hit two today - mebbe your Giants should just schedule all their games against the Pirates. :-)