Saturday, April 9, 2011

2011 Giants Record Projection

For the last three seasons I've done a game-by-game projection for either how many wins or losses the Giants are projected to have at the end of the season keeping the same win-loss percentage.  I started this in 2008 mainly because I knew the Giants really stank, and I wanted to see how bad the year would go.  So I projected the number of losses.  I continued it in 2009, but to my surprise they had a winning season, so the loss projection didn't help as much.  So I switched to a win projection in 2010, and decided I would do the following seasons win or loss projection based on whether they had a winning season or losing season the year before.

This year I've decided to change all this to a record projection, showing both wins and losses.  Like in years past, I think I'll update this running projection on the 15th and last days of each month.  There should be 12 such projections.  So, starting with next Friday's game, I should have the first couple of weeks projected out.

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