Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Twins Ballpark in 2010

This year yet another new ballpark will open. Minneapolis has built Target Field for the Twins. It looks okay. I say this because the new ballpark rage has gotten old. But, it's another new park that I will want to add to my "visited" collection. For that reason, I like it.

Also, the Metrodome will no longer be of service to baseball. Hooray! The Twinkiedome can now be the home of the Vikings, and we'll never have to wonder again if the Twins blow the air conditioning out for them and in for visiting teams. I never visited the Metrodome, although I walked by it in the off season while in Minneapolis once. I have mixed feelings about not seeing it. I wish I could have seen all those parks that have been replaced in my baseball lifetime, so if Major League baseball is played somewhere, I want to see it.

I'll be looking for the new park on TV sometime in April.

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