Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Congratulations, Jon Miller

I heard the news that Jon Miller was chosen as the Ford Frick award winner this year. He will be inducted into the broadcaster's wing of baseball's Hall of Fame. Now, Miller is just about the premier broadcaster in baseball. And he is one of my Giants announcers for thirteen seasons now.

It is really a pleasure listening to Miller on the radio. He is surrounded with other good professionals on the Giants broadcasting team. We are blessed here in the Bay Area to have such good announcers. I have listened to other announcers around baseball, both in travelling and in listening to call playbacks on the radio. Also there have been some fairly bad announcers here that have quickly been recycled to other teams. In my estimation, the Giants have one of the top broadcasting teams, thanks in large part to Miller. Jon has a great radio voice, descriptive vocabulary, knows the game, and is great at painting the picture the radio listener needs to follow the game.

Jon Miller has been elected to the Hall in what might be the middle of his career. I'm sure he won't become a slacker because of it, and I look forward to many more seasons of listening to his voice. It sure is a great sound when Spring Training starts. Congratulations, Jon Miller.

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  1. I've always wondered why the Giants, not the richest team in baseball (but also not the Royals either) have the best announcer in Jon Miller. You'd think the NYY, Red Sox or Dodgers would have the best. It's great to listen to Giants games on the radio. When the Giants are winning it's even better.