Saturday, June 28, 2008

A's Ads Slice Giants

Every time the A's and Giants play each other here, whether in interleague, the exhibition series right before the season starts, or the World Series, the series is usually called a/the "Bay Bridge Series" or also, "The Battle of The Bay." The A's in recent times have taken out ads in the San Francisco Chronicle, no less, that slam the Giants' lack of winning. Just Friday, one apparently was put into place that said, "The Battle of The Bay" with the word "battle" crossed out. A note was inserted that said something to the effect, "well, when you've won eight out of the last nine, it's not exactly a battle." The Giants players are pissed off. Well, maybe they should win, then.

Another couple of ads went out prior to their first meeting this year. The Giants put out an ad that said, "Don't Be An Athletic Supporter." The A's answered with an ad that claimed June as "Champions month." Every team that the A's played during June had won a World Series since the A's moved to Oakland, and all the years of those championships were listed. Except the San Francisco Giants, who have never won. They were followed by "n/a". An A's ad a few years ago was really classic: "Zero splash hits; four world titles."

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