Saturday, June 21, 2008

100% Baseball - A Great A's TV Commercial

I saw a truly wonderful A's commercial during the game last night. It starts out with an old video clip of the entrance sign to the Coliseum "1972 World Series - A's vs. Cincinnati - SOLD OUT". It then showed clips of great plays and players with the titles, "Vida is...", "Reggie is...", "Catfish is...". It then continued through A's history up until today with the same theme. Finally at the end, "...100% Baseball." It brought back so many memories of A's baseball. Joe Rudi making that catch against the left field wall against the Reds. Rickey Henderson breaking the all time stolen base record.

It's good to see the A's celebrate their history, as this is their 40th anniversary of being in Oakland. For some reason they avoid their history in Philadelphia and Kansas City. The Haas family did all they could to erase the Charlie Finley era from A's fans' memories. Why? The A's have a great history and great players. They should celebrate.

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