Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My 1987 Season

After my 1986 season of going to 173 regular season games in 11 ballparks, I kept it up in 1987 by going to 165 games in 7 ballparks. Only two of the ballparks were new for me, Royals Stadium in Kansas City and Busch Stadium in St. Louis. But, in addition to all those regular season games, I went to 10 spring training games (7 of them in Arizona, one in San Diego vs. the A's and the two Bay Bridge Series games), the All-Star Game in Oakland, the three NLCS games in San Francisco, and a minor league game in Reno. This for a total of 180 games. Plus, I was at the All-Star workout the day before the All-Star game.

A few noteworthy things about the '87 season. Spring training was lots of fun. I saw the A's in Kansas City, and I caught a foul ball off the A's Carney Lansford. Later that night former Royals manager Dick Howser died from cancer. The minor league game occurred during the All-Star break when Mike and I went to Reno to gamble. We looked up the minor league team (then Reno Padres, California A league). They played the Stockton Ports (Brewers) with future star Gary Sheffield. Sheffield had been recently involved in a police incident with his cousin (uncle?) Dwight Gooden in Florida. Sheffield was heckled greatly. I also attended my first LCS with the Giants playing the Cards. 1986 and 1987 were my all-out seasons, and I haven't attended nearly as many games ever since.

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