Monday, April 28, 2008

Voice Of God Back

It is good to again hear Roy Steele doing the PA at A's games. I heard him do the opening day lineups, and it brought back a lifetime worth of memories. It must be hard to live up to the nickname "voice of God", but Steele is a former preacher and his name was given to him by Jon Miller while Miller was a radio announcer for the A's way back in 1970. I pointed out to Mrs. Scott beforehand how when he does the lineup he breaks his "batting second... batting third", etc., when he gets to fifth and instead says, "in the fifth position..." He followed through.

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  1. Steve, I'm going to answer your question over here. You asked what my take was on the worst season ever (i.e. 2003, 42-119 Tigers).
    There was a joke I heard and it went like this: What does the singer Michael Jackson and the Detroit Tigers have in common? They both wear a glove for no apparent reason. Also they had a mix of over the hill and young. In 2006 their was only one player on that team from the 2003 roster. That player was Inge.