Sunday, April 13, 2008

My First Foul Ball

My first foul ball came in 1982 at Candlestick Park. It was Giants pitcher Bill Laskey's first major league start, against the Montreal Expos. I was there with Mike. A foul ball came our way off the bat of an Expo and it landed in the stands right in front of us. We both jumped in to the scrum of a few fans, and each caught hold of part of the ball. We started a "fight" between us, punching each other to get the other to let go of the ball. I won the struggle, although I'm not sure that is a great accomplishment to get the ball. My friend is out of a ball. Anyway, it is good to remember getting even a chance, and with Bill Laskey's first start, it was something to remember. It turned out even better when Laskey pitched a complete game shutout. See the box score here.

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  1. I live 180+ mile north of Comerica Park. So going to a game is like a once of year event. We did not make it down last year because of $ was tight. The year before we were seated on the third base side right where the stands extend out. The ferfect place for a foul ball. I see that spot on tv get a lot off balls hit there. Our game not a one came our way.