Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Evolution of Ballpark Beer

I had my first beer was when I was 17. It was in the left field bleachers at the Oakland Coliseum. It was Old Milwaukee. It came in what was known as a bucket, with a perforated lid that you could poke holes in to pour. Small plastic cups came with a bucket so it could be shared with other people. I think it was 32 oz. Old Milwaukee? Yuck! It was the A's cheap beer.

The Giants had Hamms as their cheap beer. Equally yucky. It came in those wax cups, which made it especially urgent to drink. The wax/paper combo would get soggy, and if you nursed your beer for more than four innings, the bottom would melt out, spilling all the beer. The cheap beers would get flat fast, so you had to drink them in a hurry. All this was in the early 80's.

The mid 80's saw a change in cheap beers. Now it was Bud or Miller. Plastic souvenir cups also came on the scene, so a beer could be free from that waxy taste. The 90's saw a greater availability of microbrews and specialty beers. Now in the 00's, you pretty much got yer pick. You pay, though. My ballpark favorite is the Lagunitas IPA on tap at PacBell/SBC/AT&T/Oprah Magazine Park. Hoppy & yummy.

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