Thursday, March 1, 2007

I'm So Happy I Could ______

The Giants are on the radio, and it's the first inning right now. I'm so excited I can hardly think. Dave Roberts led off the top of the 1st with a hit, and he scored later in the inning. The Giants are going to win the World Series, I can just feel it. Next update.... bottom of the 1st.

1 comment:

  1. So what happened dude!??? You left me hanging!
    I feel like I'm waiting for the next episode of some black and white movie to come to the theaters next week, so I can see what happened to the lady who was about to go into the dark alley on Elm Street with that shadow lurking around the corner!
    Hmmm the movies cost 50 cents and candy & popcorn only cost 5 and 10 cents then! I should just stay in my dream state... don't wake me up!
    Hey, how much did a ball game cost to go to in the 50's!?