Friday, March 30, 2007

Exhibition Coersion

As a full season ticket holder, I am required to buy the three exhibition (okay, well, spring training) games the Giants play in San Fran the weekend before opening day as part of the ticket package. They're full price, too. Many teams return home just before the season to play rivals or interesting matchups in the last few games before things count.

The Giants have a 10 year tradition of playing one home game vs. rotating opponents, then two games vs. the A's in SF, then one last game in Oakland. Tonight's game was vs. Seattle. Often, this team is the A's opening day opponent if the A's open at home. They're already in the Bay Area, so travel is minimized.

But the thing that sucks about this is that we can't get rid of these tickets to save our lives. We can't sell them. Nobody wants them. Tonight, there were about 5000 people actually there. Yet we pay full regular season ticket prices to watch pitchers jog on the warning track.

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  1. I agree. It sucks. And yesterday, as you know, all season ticket holders got the news that for the all star game they will have to buy a strip of tickets that will cost between $326 and $681. The all star game itself costs just above half. In addition you have to pay for the home run derby, the futures game, the fan fest and a program. They'll probably soon add a dunce cap and a "I got screwed by the Giants" fan pin for another $50.