Saturday, August 20, 2005

My Baseball Resumé

[Updated 08-07-09; updates in red]

  • Attended nearly 1000 major league games in 18 ballparks (9 no longer in use).
  • Attended 8 World Series games in 4 different World Series, '88, '89, '90, '02 (was one strike away from seeing '86 Series in Anaheim.)
  • Attended every game of 1989 series, including earthquake game.
  • Attended every post-season game played in Bay Area in 1989.
  • Attended two All-Star Games - 1987 Oakland and 2007 in San Francisco
  • Have caught 10 foul balls in 4 different ballparks.
  • Have caught 8 home run balls in two different ballparks, including 3 in one game.
  • Attended 173 regular season games in 1986 in 11 ballparks.
  • Attended 165 regular season games in 1987 plus 11 spring training, 1 All Star and 3 post season for a total of 180 that year.
  • Visited Wrigley Field (day) and Old Comiskey Park (night) both in one day, on two consecutive days. (which was part of a greater trip....)
  • Did whirlwind tour: 8 games in 5 days in 5 different ballparks.
  • Witnessed two triple plays (A's hit into one, Giants hit into one)
  • Witnessed two inside-the-park gramd slams (A's gave one up, Giants gave one up)
  • Witnessed Barry Bonds' 71st home run, Steve Carlton's 4000th strikeout, Mike Schmidt's last major league game, Bob Brenly's ML record 4 errors in one inning, Reggie Jackson hitting 3 HR's in one game, all time strikeout record in a game for both teams.
  • Turned in, with friends, more All-Star ballots voting against Steve Sax (and for Ryne Sandberg) in 1982 than Sandberg's victory margin.
  • Giants season ticket holder for, yes, it's true, 25 years now!
  • Caught an A's home run in the bleachers - the game was on TV - and a friend working in the video truck tipped off the announcers as to my name, and they said my name over the TV
  • I appear in the Giants' 1986 documentary "A Tale of Two Cities" about the Giants history. I'm shown holding a sign with a "no 100" universal symbol on the last game of the '85 season when the Giants had 99 losses.

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  1. That is really impressive. I can only do one or maybe two Tiger games a year being so far away from Comerica Park. I think we might go to some minor league game in Traverse City to watch the Traverse City Beach Bums. This is a minor league baseball from the Frontier League (independent league, not affiliated with any major league team such as the West Michigan Whitecaps who are affiliated with the Tigers).