Wednesday, August 3, 2005

The Darkest Night Game

In 1985, the Giants pushed the starting times for their Friday night games back to 8:05. I remember something about allowing more time to get to the park on a Friday evening commute. Whatever. What I do remember is a certain game against Pittsburgh. Mike and I went to the game. A three hour game would push an 11pm finish time.

As the warmups were complete and the Giants just about to take the field, Candlestick Park struck again, in typical Candlestick fashion. The power went out. It was dark. Of course the only man who knew how to fix the lights was at home in San Carlos, several dozen miles down the Peninsula. He had to drive all the way up and finally got the lights fixed. The game was delayed an hour. This meant a 9pm starting time. A three hour game would push the midnight mark. We had time, though. But fortunately for any loved ones who might have been worrying about us, the game was only slightly over two hours. We made it home in normal time. (Box Score)

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