Sunday, July 3, 2016

Pitching Wins Championships (2)

In my last post I looked at the all time home run leader list's top 12 hitters, and noted how few championships those players had between them. In this post, I want to mention another noteworthy fact about the link between pitching and championships. I will look at this in terms of hitting, however.

If hitting was what wins championships, then one might guess that the highest scoring franchise of all time would have a high number of championships. But one would be wrong. Very wrong. Since its inception, the highest scoring franchise of all time (which also has the most hits of any franchise ever) is also not coincidentally the franchise that has gone the longest without a championship.

That's right. The Chicago Cubs have out-hit and out-scored every other franchise throughout all of baseball history. And they have out-non-championshipped them as well.

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