Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Giant All-Star Game

I've watched nearly every All-Star game of my life.  I've attended two.  And I have never seen the players and situations surrounding one team dominate the game in the way the Giants dominated this year's Mid-Summer Classic.

First, your fans step up to the plate and help vote three starters in.  Then, your pitcher is picked to start the game.  In the first inning, one of your players gets the first hit of the game.  He then scores the first run of the game.  This sparks a rally.  Later in the inning, another of your players walks to load the bases, then immediately after that another of your players hits a three-run triple.  He then scores on the next play.  All this is done against the other league's best pitcher, who is starting for them.

Because of this first inning eruption, and the fact that the game results in a shutout, your pitcher gets the win.  And, the player that got the first hit and run later hits a two-run homer.  Every run of the game but one is either scored, knocked in, or both, by players from your team.  A player in the dugout from your hated arch rival is overheard on national television note that this game has become your team's show.

Finally, your player that scores the first and last runs of the game wins the MVP award, and you have just obtained him this off season via trade from the team that is hosting the game.

I'm not sure how it's possible to do more.  Hopefully they just earned home field advantage for themselves.

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  1. I have to say, the last minute panda act was cute. Cain and Dickey both would be welcome on my fantasy roster. Landed in Redding - no ball teams here. Is okay. My Mets aren't going anywhere anyway. Got Gee Whizzed, but it means we might see if Wheeler was worth the Beltran rental. Giants did okay there - doncha think. Me - i like Harvey and Familia, but the more the merrier. Does it seem like more shoulder/arm injuries this year?

    Blessing - keep your family and yourself well.