Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Phillies Ratcheting Decline

The Philadelphia Phillies have been experiencing a strange ratcheting decline the last four years.  They have fallen precisely one notch per year.  In 2008 they won the World Series.  In 2009 they lost the World Series.  In 2010 they lost the NLCS and in 2011 they lost the NLDS.

If this trend continues, in 2012 they will lose the division title.  Whether this means they will still make the playoffs as a wildcard or they will lose the division title in game 162 when Ryan Howard makes the final out again remains to be seen.  It stands to reason that if they make it as the wildcard, they will lose the NLDS again.  But the result would be the same as this year, so I'm thinking they would lose the division title on game 162.  If the trend continues, of course.

Philly fans are more than frustrated with this turn of events.  Seconds after the final out the other night, the fans booed their Phils for a disappointing season end.  Of course they're the fans who once booed Santa Claus.

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