Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Welcome To The New From the Bleachers Site

Welcome to the new From the Bleachers blog.  I have created a new site with a new address.  Actually, it's the same old blog, with the same old posts and comments and categories, but at a new address.  The old address is http://bleacherbumming.blogspot.com/  A blogspot address I always wanted - fromthebleachers - which mirrored the title of this blog, had been taken for years, but has recently become available.  So I snatched it and updated the format of the blog to bring it up to current technology.  The new address is http://fromthebleachers.blogspot.com/

I can now do more things and have more power over how I organize and how I link to things.  I hope you enjoy the new format with the photo background.  The background is a photo I had personally taken at a Giants game at AT&T Park.  The blog design editor allows me to "tile" the photo.  I cropped it in such a way as to minimize the obviousness of the tile seams, so it looks kind of like one huge, infinitely extending crowd shot.  I'm not done with the design of the blog page, and hope to add a small number of visual upgrades as time goes on.

I look forward to posting at this new address and hope you enjoy reading it.  Feel free to comment any time.


  1. Glad you were able to change your format, I know you have desired to do so for a long time now. I took a pretty cool shot when the Giant's beat the Padres for the National League West title. Everyone is waving their rally rags and going wild. Oh sweet memories!

  2. Eric, no way man! Giants repeat in 2011! Then, Giants threepeat in 2012! Although a Phillies/Giants rematch in the NLCS would probably make for some good baseball.