Sunday, November 7, 2010

Overall World Series Observations

There's something completely different about having your own team play in the World Series.  When you're just a fan of a team who has already been eliminated, or a TV exec, or an advertiser, you want a great, seven game series, with lots of pivotal moments and lifelong highlights.  When your team is in it, you want a four-game, double digit, four-shutout sweep.  For me, it is difficult to cast myself into the position of neutral observer for a few more reasons.

When I'm used to my team collapsing time afte time for half a century, each pitch of the Series was grinding.  There was simply no time to relax.  None.  The last pitch of the World Series - Wilson striking out Cruz - could easily have gone differently.  It could have been ball four, with the next batter hitting a home run to tie.  The Rangers win in extras, and their bats come alive in SF for games 6 and 7.  So to me, the Giants were one pitch away from losing the Series at the same time they were one pitch away from winning it, despite the 3 games to 1 lead and 3 to 1 score.  Pivotal moments come at times just like that one, Mr. Stanley.  Just when you think it, Mr. Moore.  Cruising, Mr. Bartman.  Easy out, Mr. Buckner.  Game ball, Mr. Baker.

But when one looks at it simply, the Giants were really one pitch (a lone Johnathan Sanchez mistake) away from a sweep.  Twenty runs in the first two games was a no-brainer.  The pitching staff completely dominated.  Who could have guessed two shutouts against such an offensive giant?  Well, me.  That's what great pitching staffs do.  Not that I thought they were going win easily, but after they knocked off the Phils, it was easy to see them winning in five, because the Phillies were a better team than the Rangers.  The last two games, the Rangers got a combined six hits, with only one player even reaching third base.  Game on, game over.


  1. Sorry for commenting so much on your blog but you made a point that I found to be so true also about myself. As a fan (no matter the sport) of one of the teams playing in a series, I don't want to see a nail bitter. All I like to see is my team win the series as fast as possible. The last thing I want is see is it go to a game 7. To me boring is better as long as my team wins.

  2. Jason,

    Please, comment as much as you like! I enjoy reading them.

    We had a game 7 against the Angels in 2002, and one against the Yankees in 1962. Those didn't turn out too well.