Monday, September 27, 2010

Back In First Place - Again

Yesterday, the Giants won and the Padres lost, allowing the Giants to take first place.  Yet again.  It seems this has happened a hundred times over the last week.  The Giants took two out of three from the Rockies and two out of three from the Cubs before that.  But they've lost first place several times, too.  The Giants need to figure out that this is a time of season when winning two out of three simply isn't enough.  There are four teams striving for two playoff spots.  The Giants, Padres and Rockies are all in the division race, and also in the wild card race along with the Braves.  Somebody is going to win, and somebody is going to go home.  Going home isn't an option.

Over the last three weeks, the Giants pitching staff has been on just about the hottest streak in baseball history.  They set a modern record by going 18 consecutive games allowing three runs or less.  Yet in the first 16 of those games, they went a meager 10-6.  The hitting has been a season-long problem.  All these 1-0 games are killing some fingernails out there.  It seems that the showdown will be the last weekend of the season between the Giants and Padres.  Can this be the year?

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  1. well the sticks have been a problem for the Giants all season long. every team wants a pitching staff like the one the Giants can put out there but where has the hitting gone for most of the season.
    i stop and think about the Giants batting lineup and the only significant guy i can think of is Panda. they have had to rely on a rook like Buster to do all that he's done so far but he's still a rookie (great talent by the way).
    it is my belief that the Giants will make the grade and i'm hoping that the Padres sneak in the back door for the Wildcard (although that's a tall order). good luck to your team.