Saturday, August 14, 2010

Benjie Mowina

Okay, game one of the 2010 World Series in San Francisco and they're announcing the starting lineups and extras.  Renel announces Rangers catcher Benjie Molina.  What do the Giant fans do?  Cheer?  Boo?  Remain silent?

Although our five year old's favorite player is Tim Lincecum, he loves to play catcher in pee-wee ball.  Molina (pronounced Mowina) has been his favorite catcher.  This year he made the pee-wee All-star team, and chose uniform number 1 to wear in honor of Molina.  He got to catch a few innings, throwing his arms up and yelling, "YES!" when the manager asked him to catch.  Although he's very small, with the gear on he resembles Molina.  I would be okay with a Giants/Rangers World Series, and I'm sure our son would be too.

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