Friday, November 6, 2009

Whither Yankees Fans?

I noticed somthing about Yankee fans this year, and I'm pretty sure the new ballpark has something to do with it. All year long, whenever I've seen a game on TV, the box seats looked half empty. I know the overpricing played a part. But during the post season, the same thing occurred in the ALDS and ALCS. If fans aren't going to show up due to overpricing of tickets, that's one thing. But when large numbers from the box seats are leaving early when the game goes into extra inninngs, then there's a problem.


  1. hey steve - what's your spin on the Lincecum traffic arrest? It seems highly hypocritical to have medical doctors prescribing material that athletes get arrested for possessing.

  2. Dr. Lenny,

    He got a ticket for speeding.

    Anyway, I'm one in favor of decriminalization of drugs, so I think the police have better things to do. I agree with your take on the hypocrisy. We need our ace there on Opening Day. Anything that gets our ace out of legal trouble is okay by me. :)