Friday, July 10, 2009

No No-No, No-No, What Next?

Johnathan Sanchez throws a no-hitter! Well, it wasn't supposed to be tonight. It was supposed to be last night when Tim Lincecum pitched. Actually, I'm glad Lincecum didn't throw one last night, because I had a ticket but couldn't go. When I saw the no-hitter into the seventh, I was bummed. And, we have tickets for tomorrow when Matt Cain pitches.

Congratulations to Johnathan Sanchez and for his dad who saw his first game his kid started. Now, maybe Matt Cain can pitch one tomorrow night! The Giants really good pitching this year from a good rotation aside, the Padres look pretty anemic right now. Maybe their bats will stay quiet for one more day.

1 comment:

  1. What makes the achievement so impressive is that he had been having control problems before the no-hitter and had a very mediocre ERA. Maybe all he needed was his dad present to give him some self-confidence. He should have plenty of self-confidence now!

    I did feel for him that he did not get a perfect game because of the ball-handling error by the third baseman.