Monday, April 20, 2009

Sweltering San Francisco Day

Yesterday was a hot day for a ballgame in San Francisco. Randy Johnson's one-hitter. Just last week we were dealing with several days of high winds, with rain, hail, sleet and snow mixed in. Then to have a day in the upper 80's thrust into the mix in mid-April is a rarity here that made the day more unseasonably hot. Today was in the upper 90's.

Our seats were blistering in the sun as we sat down. Neither me nor my son could sit. I had to sit on my glove to avoid being scorched, as the seat cooled down. We switched seats and did it over again. A San Francisco baseball sun inversion took place. Usually, it's cold and windy here, so the crowd is marked by the shadow line. People are in the sun, and the shade seats are empty. Sunday was the reverse. Families with babies were retreating into the shade under the Coke bottle for relief. Okay, time to pray for summer fog.

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