Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Former Fellow Bum Finds My Blog

I was pleasantly surprised to find a comment in my inbox from one of the A's center field bleacher bums from so many years ago who had found my blog by accident. Her name is PegiRae, and I mentioned her in my Centerfield Bums post (click to read her comment) that is part of my Cast and Crew series. One of the fun features about our observation of the center field bums was that we had nicknames for many of them before I knew any of them. PegiRae calls me "Bleacher Steve", a name I never knew I had. That's only fair I think.

She has such fond memories of those days, too. It was really something special, the community and the fun. Her blog is here and her specific blog post is here.

1 comment:

  1. old bums don't die they just turn into real bums when the govenator cuts our pay to 6.65 an hour. On time, Tony La Russo said, when he was, with the White Sox, a team I liked because I was dating Steve Lyons, that we were "the unemployed drug addicts of center field bleechers." That may have been propetic because I am too young to retire and sure as hell can't live on 6.65 an hour so I think I'll go on disability and spend my days at the giants park rooting for whoever they are playing :)