Friday, March 14, 2008

Vegas Line on The '08 Season

I heard on the radio, during the Razor and Mr. T sports talk show on KNBR, some Vegas odds on the upcoming season. In the NL West, the odds were reported as such: to win the division, San Diego Padres 2:1, Colorado Rockies 2:1, Arizona Diamondbacks 2:1, Los Angeles Dodgers 2:1 and San Francisco Giants 20:1. Hmmmm. Not only that, but no team in all of Major League Baseball had longer odds (they were tied with a couple of other teams) of winning the World Series than the Giants, 100:1. Got a Benny?

1 comment:

  1. The Sporting New as the Giants predicted for 5th in N.L. West.

    Deveney's Take is: They have an abundance of brilliant young pitchers, but the lineup is packed with geriatrics who can't hit for power. Scoring runs figures to be a big problem.

    For my Tigers even after all they did in the off season they are predicted for 2nd in the A.L. Central. The big question is the bullpen.