Thursday, November 22, 2007

Baseball Cards

I collected baseball cards when I was a kid. It started in 1971, and Topps were my favorites, and almost the only brand I ever collected. In Little League, we bought cards at the snack shack after games. My fever pitch year was 1974 when I collected the entire '74 set through individual packs. In college in the 80's I collected old cards to fill in voids. I preferred commons to stars because I could get so many more cards.

My most valued card is a 1975 George Brett rookie card. It was a part of the mini-size set issued on the West Coast and is more valuable because of it. I almost threw all my mini cards away at one time because they always fell out from a handfull of cards. I always refused to put baseball cards in my bicycle spokes. I used playing cards instead.

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  1. I also have some baseball cards from the '70s--'73 and '74 in my case. My prize is a Willie McCovey Washington Nationals card--there was a strong rumor that the SD Padres would relocate to DC to replace the Senators, who had moved to Texas. Topps bought the rumor and printed some odd-looking cards. The Padres of course stayed put.