Sunday, July 8, 2007

Baseball's Best Uniforms

Which team has baseball's best uniform? Well, it's hard for me to decide the best, but I can say that there are six (home) uni's that set themselves apart from the other 24. Those are, in no particular order, the Giants, Dodgers, Yankees, Red Sox, Cardinals and Tigers. It's interesting that, aside from the Tigers, the first five are the five teams with the most colorful and storied pasts, rich traditions and most famed of all teams in history.

The Yankees and Dodgers have had their home uni's for the longest without change, followed by the Tigers, if I'm not mistaken. The Cards have had their theme for a long time, but they succumbed to the double-knit pullover pajama tops for a few decades. That style really killed a traditional look.

Road uni's are a different matter. I like the current Giants roadies the best. The tall, skinny lettering resulting from cramming "SAN FRANCISCO" in to such a limited space really makes the look classic. The classic Yankee roadies from years past, with the solid gray, no piping and block letters, "NEW YORK" are among the all-time best. Their current roadies with the piping and black band just don't make the cut. The Tigers' roadies stink, and not many good ones come off well with the gray shirts.

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