Wednesday, June 27, 2007

All-Star Hecklers

All the star players will be there. Former all-stars, too. And some veteran hecklers will be just behind the American League's bullpen mound. We'll get to razz every AL pitcher that pitches, because each of them has to warm up, and maybe a few more that don't get the nod. I just realized this a few days ago. It will be the heckling experience of a lifetime. My heckling line of choice this year to visiting pitchers has been, "I'll be at the All-Star Game and you won't!," but I won't be able to use it during the game, obviously.

I just hope that all the regular hecklers in our area will be there to put on an All-Star heckling show and won't have sold out to special event groupies that will whine to ushers about our time-honored, traditional baseball conduct of heckling the opponents. People like that really suck.

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