Thursday, December 21, 2006

Giants Nation Invades Fenway

As Giants season ticket holders, we continually receive email updates and notices from the Giants as to what's happenin'. Today we received one with the usual upcoming events list. NCAA bowl game at PacBell/SBC/AT&T/MarthaStewartLiving Park, spring training ticket opportunities, motocross racing at the ballyard, FanFest, etc.

Then this: "And are you thinking of taking a road trip to see your San Francisco Giants take on the Boston Red Sox in June? Those tickets go on sale via the Red Sox website in late January. The only way to get tickets is through the Red Sox" with a link to their website. Actually WE DID plan that trip for late June. But my last post shows a baby in my wife's tummy that is due July 1st, so we cancelled that trip. It's funny in a way because a trip to Safeco Field in Seattle was cancelled in '03 because of the adoption of our first son. We bought Mariner tickets one day, and two days later I was going to book the rest of our trip. Guess what happened on the day in between? We were offered the opportunity to adopt. So we were stuck with M's tix. But fortunately, our firm has a major client in Seattle and their PM was able to buy them from us.

But the notice goes to show that the Giants have a national following and we are willing and able to follow our G-men around the bigs.

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