Sunday, July 23, 2006

First Place Lasts 20 Hours

The Giants' four game series with the Padres was a success... the first three games. Entering play on Thursday night, 2 1/2 games back of the Pads, if the G-men could win the first three, they would be in first place. This they did, and we were there Friday and Saturday. Saturday night's game was a close one, 4-3, and the Giants took over first place. But they lost to SD today, and spent only 20 hours in first place. It was fun while it lasted. The NL West might just pull two playoff teams as the rest of the divisions suck below the leaders. Hard to imagine, but we'll take it.

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  1. look out for houston based on the past two years. now that management has given dusty the kiss of death in chicago - is it time to make ozzie the first illinois manager to be dumped? Or are the sox not tanking badly. look at Buerhle's last five starts - horrific.