Monday, May 15, 2006

Never Leave Early

We went to Saturday's Giants game. Barry Bonds didn't tie Ruth, and his last at bat in the 8th inning (and Ellison's subsequent trot out to left field) with the Giants down 3 runs to the Dodgers sent half the crowd home. But the Giants scored 4 runs in the bottom of the 9th to win. What a finish!

I've taken a life-long policy of never leaving a game early. These days with a family with small children, there may be an exception, and I've taken one, but the general rule stands. If you think about it, the further your team is behind, the greater a comeback you'll miss. I used to tell friends (if I was driving), that if the game goes 25 innings with several rain delays, and tomorrow is a work/school day and the game doesn't end until 4:30am, then I'm staying. Those games are the most fun anyway.

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  1. hey steve - good to see that bonds got there today. the mets yankees ninth inning was pretty wild - damon's hustle kept the game alive. Look at Mariano Rivera's stat line. He pitched a tied tenth and then closed out the eleventh - shouldn't he get both a win and a save? yes, i know, but really - statwise it is both in the same performance.