Saturday, January 7, 2006

Baseball Is the Most Exciting Sport

A few days ago on a linked heading titled "Soccer Is the Most Exciting Sport" took me to a BBC article claiming that scientists had determined, with objective evidence, that [English] soccer was the most exciting sport:
"Scientists analysed results from more than 300,000 games played over the past century. They reviewed five sports: ice hockey, football, baseball and basketball in the US, and English football.

"The team decided to make unpredictability - how often a leading team is overcome by an opponent with a worse record - the best measure of how exciting a league is...

The results of the analysis showed that the "upset frequency" was highest for soccer, followed by baseball, hockey, and basketball. American football came last on the list, and so was labelled the least exciting sport."

As if "unpredictability" via upsets constitutes the lone basis for excitement. But what both the BBC and Lew Rockwell missed was the current state of affairs in their conclusion:
"When the scientists looked only at data from the past 10 years, English Premiership football and baseball swapped places."

I coulda told you that!

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