Sunday, October 16, 2005

Congrats, White Sox.

Okay, now you have the opportunity of eliminating one more team from the list who hasn't won a Series for a longer time than the Giants. Last year it was the Red Sox that scratched 1918 off the list. And with the finsh the Indians had this year, will 1948 fall next year? Ouch, that would leave the Cubs 1908 and Giants 1954.

Last year I was actually cheering for St. Louis to beat Boston, mostly out of jealousy for the Giants' long suffering, but also because I don't like the Red Sox. This year is different. The ChiSox have been so harmless over my lifetime, and even though they play in the 3rd largest market, the Cubs get all the ink. I might root for the NL team, but won't despair if the Sox take it all. I just wonder how the Cubs fans are taking all this.

Congrats to the Sox and their fans, you've waited several lifetimes. I just wish it were the Giants playing you.

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