Thursday, September 29, 2005

Spoiler's List

What is the significance of the following list? Minnesota Twins, Toronto Blue Jays, Philadelphia Phillies, MLB players strike, New York Yankees, Florida Marlins, San Diego Padres, New York Yankees, St. Louis Cardinals, Arizona Diamondbacks, San Francisco Giants, Chicago Cubs and Houston Astros.

It's a list of what ended the Atlanta Braves' season quest for a World Series title. Every year except 1995, of course. Fourteen consecutive division titles and only one ring to show for it. Not very good in the clutch. And of all the NL teams that still have playoff possibilities, each team (SD, StL, Hou and Phi) is already on The List.

Each year I root against the Braves winning a division title. "Why can't this be the year?" But then I realize it's more satisfying to see them lose in the post season. I'm hoping for nothing different this year. The only question remaining is wether they will sell out a playoff game.

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